*Individual results may vary*


“My experience with Dr. Brown and his staff has been nothing less than exceptional! It’s been a long road. I just completed breast reconstruction/augmentation and removal of excess skin/fat from my upper arms following a 100+ pound weight loss. Very pleased with the early results! Not just highly recommended, but the highest recommendation ever!!!”*

Lisa W. – Breast Reconstruction & Brachioplasty Patient


“Dr. Brown is absolutely amazing! The results of my plastic surgery by far surpassed my expectations. I went to Dr. Brown for breast implants. He helped me pick the ideal size for my body and guided me in every step of the way. He is accessible and answers my questions quickly, even months after the surgery.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Brown to anyone considering plastic surgery. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I love them.”*

Kande M.- Breast Augmentation Patient


“From beginning to end I knew I found a doctor that listened and gave me his honest opinion. I came in wanting a breast surgery, as I had undergone breast cancer treatment. Dr. Brown explained that the surgery was not recommended for me, an explained why. His complete professionalism, honesty and sincerity made me realize he is a true doctor who cared about ME. It wasn’t the answer that I wanted but it was the truth. After some consideration I decided to have a tummy tuck. My results were fantastic, I feel like a new woman and I am happy about me again. His entire staff is compassionate, caring and friendly. You know you are number one with them. I trust Dr. Brown completely and I will definitely refer to him.”*

Sharon P. – Abdominoplasty Patient


“Thank you for being so helpful and kind to me. I was so apprehensive about the surgery. You and your staff helped put me at ease before and after the surgery. For this I am very thankful.”*

Carol A. – MOHS Reconstruction Patient


“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June of 2011, I live in Las Vegas but chose to have my surgery at the Cancer Treatment Center of America. I was sent to a plastic surgeon for a consult but was not really comfortable. The Center then sent me to Dr. Brown, which I am very grateful for. Immediately, I felt very comfortable in the office. Then I met Dr. Brown and was so relieved and at ease with him. He had a very kind and caring way about him. He said he had a passion for reconstructive surgery, which he proved to me over and over again. Always smiling, very personable, my husband really liked him, too. Everyone in the office is wonderful. I am not done with my journey yet, but I am very blessed to have Dr. Brown in my corner. Thank you.”*

C.A. – Breast Reconstruction Patient


“Hi, my name is Diana. I am a patient of Dr. Richard J. Brown. I started my breast reconstruction on March 23, 2012 after having a double mastectomy in May of 2012. Dr. Brown has done an amazing job, my progress is great and my breasts are beautiful once again. Dr. Brown is very compassionate and professional. Thank you Dr. Brown for giving me back what cancer took away from me.”*

Diana – Breast Reconstruction Patient


“I was 33 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer with 93% chance of recurrence so I opted for a bilateral mastectomy. The plan was to do breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy, inserting tissue expanders once the breast was removed. I met Dr. Brown for my first consultation and was immediately impressed by him. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure, possible outcomes and the long road ahead of both of us. Dr. Brown and his office staff were always very professional but made me feel comfortable and relaxed in an extremely scary experience. Dr. Brown listened to me about the outcome I was hoping for and did a beautiful job with the whole reconstruction process. I am so happy with the results, you can’t even tell I’ve had a mastectomy. I would, and have recommend Dr. Richard Brown to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon. Thank you so much for everything.”*

Tracie – Breast Reconstruction Patient


“I am one very pleased patient of Dr. Brown’s. In 1989 I was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breast Disease and at that time the recommendation was to undergo a double mastectomy with reconstruction to follow.

I was fairly pleased with the outcome until a number of years later a breast caved in and I was noticeably lopsided. In 1999 the morning I was scheduled for implant replacement, my doctor advised me that she didn’t have the right size of implants for me, however after lots of planning, scheduling and frustration, I went along with the scheduled surgery and the available implants she had (a big mistake). Not only was the size wrong, I did not like nor feel comfortable with my appearance.

After another twelve years and having yearly mammograms and ultrasounds, I was told I had an implant that was leaking a small amount into my body. Not something one wants to hear. I was advised by a female radiologist that I should have them removed and let well enough alone. I didn’t like her advice and decided to start my research and begin checking for a plastic surgeon that would answer my questions and take my concerns into consideration.

I didn’t decide what I would do until I did my homework and spoke at length with Dr. Brown’s staff and asked many questions. I feel I put Dr. Brown through the paces with just how unhappy I currently looked and I wanted to know if he could do my implant removal along with giving me a better reconstructive look and outcome from what I previously had. Dr. Brown showed me the type of implant he would be using and we went over size as well. The previous two doctors never did this!

Dr. Brown listened to what I had to say and made me feel comfortable. It’s been five months since Dr. Brown removed the implants and performed the reconstructive surgery. I’m just sorry it took three times to receive excellence! The third time is the charm! Thanks Dr. Brown and your entire staff.”*

M.I. – Reconstructive Patient


“Dr. Brown, I wanted to take a minute and truly thank you for the recent surgery you helped me through. Not only was there minimal post-operative pain but the recovery time was precisely as you described. I feel all of the goals of the procedure were accurately addressed and the results exceeded my expectations. I am now able to breathe at a level that I can only remember when I was a small child. I had almost forgotten what it was like to be able to breathe so well until after surgery that you performed. Most importantly, however, I would like to thank you for taking the time to help me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. From the initial visit to the last follow up visit you took the time to make sure my concerns were addressed and I was at 100% level of ease. You truly have a gift to connect with your patients and I can see that you will have a very successful and long career in the field that you are truly so passionate about. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a cosmetic procedure to schedule an appointment with your office.”*

P.B.- Cancer Reconstruction


“Dr. Brown, Thank you for doing a great job in my face surgery. I’m deeply grateful to you and your excellent staff.”*

Patricia – Facial Plastic Surgery Patient


“Dr. Brown “In this busy world where there never seem to be enough hours in the day…you always find the time to share yourself with others.” I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.”*

G.M. – Breast Cancer Reconstruction Patient


“Dr. Brown, Thank you for keeping hope alive. Peace!”*

R.H.- Breast Reconstruction Patient


“Dr. Brown, Thank you very much for the thoughtful help and speedy surgery. My children in WA were very happy to know that we would see them soon.”*

Fred & Mandy- Skin Cancer Reconstruction Patient


“Dr. Brown talked to me like a real person; He found out what my fears were and explained every detail of the procedure. It was like talking to a friend which made it very easy and comfortable for me. After my consultation, I had no doubts about my decision and had complete confidence in Dr. Brown and his team. Everything went exactly the way he explained, no surprises. It was the best decision I ever made and I’m so happy I had it done with Dr. Brown. Thank you.”*

F.K. – Gynecomastia Patient


“I always knew I wanted a facelift but when and who were the unanswered questions. I met Dr. Brown and did not look back. He took all the time I needed to explain the procedure, what to expect, and answered all my questions. It enabled me to feel confident and comfortable with my decision. I am so please with the results of my surgery and the support from Dr. Brown, Alexis and the entire staff. Thank you so much!”*

R.H. – Facelift Patient


“Dear Dr. Brown:

Words seem inadequate to express the gratitude I have for you and your staff and for all the help you have given me since my journey to deal with breast cancer began two years ago.

On my first visit, you spent more than two hours with me explaining my options, while trying to prepare me for what I would face. To be honest, at the time, I did not hear half of what you were telling me, nor fully appreciate the depth of your compassion for my situation.

After the surgery and chemo, two of the most visible parts of me where gone- my hair and my breasts. I hated looking in the mirror. I was angry, transferred that anger to the one person who was working to repair me–you. You would meet with me, and we would discuss my progress. I would express my dissatisfaction. But I have to say, you never wavered–you told me to be patient, that the process took time and that you would do everything you could to restore my appearance. At the time, you were honest; you also explained that there were limits, even though I didn’t always like hearing the truth.

I have come to understand that, in fact, you are a perfectionist who takes great pride in your work, that you treat each patient as an individual, and that no case is the same to you. I am so grateful that you listened and took an individual interest in my needs. Over the past years, I have researched other plastic surgeons, looking to their websites, searching for any information I could find. What I found is that you are an artist. I have the best-looking reconstruction I could find, and my other doctors even have remarked on what a beautiful job was done. I smile and proudly tell them about you and your staff.

Thank you for making it possible for me to look at myself in the mirror and smile because I love what I see. Thank you for your staff and their patience with me, for their understanding that I was going through a tough time. From the bottom of my heart, my family and I thank you.”*

Peggy – Breast Reconstruction Patient


“I’ve thought long and hard about my testimonial and I would like to share the following with the people who are considering Dr. Brown for their surgical needs:

Dr. Brown (and his amazing staff) made me feel comfortable right from the start and with his help; I accomplished a new found confidence that I didn’t think I would ever have. Every time I look in the mirror now, I always smile and feel HAPPY! I can honestly say it was the best decision I have made. The staff is AWESOME- always so friendly and helpful. I visited other doctors and I made the wisest decision by choosing Dr. Richard Brown. Choosing someone who is going to “cut” into your body is NEVER an easy choice, but it’s one you can make with confidence if you choose Dr. Brown! Thanks!”*

T.S. – Butt Lift Patient


“Thank you for the opportunity to put my two cents in regarding my experience! I’ll just ramble a bit and you can use whatever you want.

I have always had a body image issue due to severe scoliosis, and wanted implants to help balance me out and make my clothes fit and look better. Over the ten years, I have had them replaced 3 times due to deflation, and all 3 times, I was not happy with the outcome, but finally decided there really wasn’t anything that could be done.

I became aware of co-worker’s experience with Dr. Brown, and decided to seek his opinion, and subsequently decided to go forward. All I can say is that he did for me what I have wanted for ten years! I am just amazed and SO happy with the results. Dr. Brown was so compassionate, and so determined to have an improved outcome, and he was successful. He took into consideration my scoliosis and I actually look “balanced”. I finally have the results I have always wanted.

Thank you for letting me express my appreciation! Have a great day!”*

M.T. – Breast Implant Revision Patient


“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Brown and his staff! During the initial consultation, my doubts and fears were alleviated. I felt at ease from the beginning of the process, through surgery and follow-up appointments. The professionalism and caring manner of the staff were exceptional and I am thrilled with the results! Obviously I would recommend Dr. Brown to anyone looking for a great plastic surgeon.”*

L.V. – Breast Augmentation Patient


“I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 2012 and my oncologist recommended Dr. Brown for the reconstructive phase of my surgery. My experience with Doctor Brown was excellent. He was thorough in explaining the procedure and very compassionate and understanding. I was very pleased with my results and I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs breast reconstructive surgery.”*

Grace – Breast Reconstruction Patient


“I had a breast augmentation when I was 18. 30 years later, a mammogram indicated “possible loss of implant integrity.” It was recommended by my family physician that I see a plastic surgeon to discuss bilateral implant exchange. I was referred to a woman plastic surgeon. As soon as I left her office, I knew I wasn’t going back, which meant I would not recover my consultation fee. Since Dr. Glen Hait, who was my original surgeon, had recently retired, I looked into who he referred and discovered Dr. Richard Brown. Dr. Brown was extremely professional, courteous and sympathetic. He spent a lot of time with me going over every detail and answering all my questions. I was really impressed that he did not charge a consultation fee, and I was given an estimate that I felt was extremely fair. I now have new breasts that are beautiful. He did an amazing reconstruction and got the size just right. For the first time in years, I can look in the mirror and feel pretty.

Besides Dr. Brown, every aspect of his staff-from the receptionist to all the nurses and his lovely wife, Alexis, the patient care coordinator—is exemplary. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown for any of your plastic surgery need.”*

Deanna – Breast Implant Replacement Patient


“Our general surgeon referred us to Dr. Richard J. Brown as an expert in his field. After our first meeting my wife and I felt we had a new friend.

We had no prior knowledge of his expertise in his fields; however, we could not have been more satisfied with the work he has done for me and my wife.

In my opinion, Dr. Brown is an excellent facial surgeon, and I would recommend him. Our experience has been very positive.”*

E.M. – Neck Lift Patient


“I had Rhinoplasty with Dr. Brown four weeks ago. My nose looks amazing! He gave me exactly what I wanted. He is such a caring person. His office staff as well are great people. I know if I have any other surgeries in the future, Dr. Richard Brown will be the doctor I will be going to. Such a great experience!”*

J.H. – Rhinoplasty Patient


“Dr. Brown is an exceptionally skilled surgeon, highly proficient in the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgical techniques…you can see that in the before and after pictures of his patients. He is enthusiastic about what he does and extremely motivated to make a difference in the lives of the people he touches. Dr. Brown never rushes an appointment and makes sure you know your options and their consequences. He cares that you understand, and are comfortable with, the procedures you choose. He is dedicated to the welfare, comfort and dignity of the people he treats. Dr. Brown and his staff always treat you as a person, never as a number. They do everything possible to address any reservations or fears you may have about an upcoming procedure or post-operative recovery. Dr. Brown dedicates himself to you, on the day of your surgery. You are his ONLY surgery that day and his entire focus is on you. Dr. Brown is true to his word….if he says he’ll do something, he does it. He makes many of the follow-up calls himself…adding that personal touch missing from most doctor/patient relationships nowadays.

In short, Dr. Brown is a thoroughly modern surgeon with the integrity and honesty of a time-gone by. We have trusted Dr. Brown with our lives and we’d do it again in a heartbeat!”*

R.S. & G.S. – Face Lift Patient

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